Three Trends that will Trickle into 2020

Three Trends that will Trickle into 2020

As we head into the final months of 2019, many people are wondering what trends will prevail into the new year. While there are sure to be new and exciting foods and technology ahead, many of the same trends will continue to have impact on North American consumers.


Whilst stats show that more millennials are cooking at home more often, what does that really mean?  With vegetable butchers, home meal kit delivery and grab-and-go prepared meal components such as marinated meats and sliced veggie medleys readily available in most grocery stores, it seems like this demographic has a different definition of cooking than their grandmothers.

However, when millennials do cook from scratch, you can be pretty sure they are using their Instapots!


Reigning supreme with the body conscious for another year is the Keto diet. Promising rapid weightloss and increased mental acuity, this diet has spawned new grocery store products, a slew of cookbooks and a lot of concern from doctors who want to know the long term effects this no carb, intermittent fasting craze will have on people’s kidneys and livers.


Consumers and retailers are very keen to see how technologies such as blockchain, DNA barcoding and isotope mapping will help them to trace the origins and follow the chain of custody of food products and ingredients in the future. With a dual purpose of avoiding outbreaks of food borne illness and insuring that everyone along the value chain is getting exactly what is promised on food packaging, expect to see more new tools and communication that verify food safety and provenance.