Three Good News Food Trends Coming in 2021

Three Good News Food Trends Coming in 2021

Picture caption: Clean eating will take on new meaning in 2021 


By Dana McCauley 


Thanks to modern technology, I’ll join 10 (or more) CBC radio morning shows to share food trends predictions for the coming year on December 31st. In preparation for my audio tour of Canada, I decided to focus on the positive. The result is a list of insights that show how consumer needs will have a positive impact on the food industry next year. 


  • Budgetarians Benefit: With food prices on the rise and many Canadians continuing to face income challenges due to COVID-19 shutdowns, 2021 will be a year where many consumers need to trade down and shop for bargains at the grocery store. While this sounds like a bad news story, these new ‘Budgetarians’ will be pleasantly surprised that retailers are stepping up their private label offerings and that savings may be easier to find than expected. (FYI – if this topic intrigues, you join our Flavour of the Month club discussion on January 27th). 


  • Deep Clean Eating: Before the pandemic, clean eating meant choosing foods that were made with whole foods and ingredients that were easy to pronounce and likely found in the pantries of people who cook from scratch. In 2021, consumer need for more assurance will persuade many food retailers and food manufacturers to clean up their habits and clean eating will evolve; transparency and easily accessible information about human resource practices, supply chain traceability, responsible manufacturing processes and quality assurances will assure consumers that the food they are buying is ‘clean’ in every way possible. In many cases, consumers will be able to access this type of data via QR codes on the front of food packages. (FYI – you can learn more about QR Code Trends in our last blog post.)


  • Chef’s Choice: While it will likely take until late 2021, expect a boom in restaurant launches. As immunity increases, restless chefs and restaurateurs will start to scope out ways to re-enter the marketplace. They will find landlords offering accessible rents and incentives that will make it easier to acquire a prime space. Likewise, there will be a glut of great quality equipment and fixtures available on the re-sale market. 


Fortunately, these creative and resourceful entrepreneurs will find a lot of consumers with not only pent-up demand for out of home eating experiences, but also a pool of customers with money to spend. While many people lost income during the lockdowns, a large number of professionals have been banking their travel and entertainment dollars and they are eager to re-claim their pre-pandemic lifestyle. Look to this demographic to kick start this century’s version of the roaring twenties.


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