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Fuel your Creativity with Flavour of the Month Club Meet Ups

By Dana McCauley    I used to fantasize about having an empty week that offered an opportunity to hunker down at home away from the hustle and bustle of the professional world. Now that I’m almost a year into working from home everyday, I’ve filed that dream under the heading of ‘be careful what you wish for’.   I’m pretty sure I’m…
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Choosing Local is Becoming Easier

These products all use a locally made call out to gain consumer trust.   In 1996 when my husband Chef Martin Kouprie opened Pangaea Restaurant, farm-to-table was a concept he had to explain to customers. He was among the first cohort of Canadian fine dining chefs who cultivated relationships with farmers, foragers and artisan ingredient…
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The QR Code Comes of Age

You likely noticed QR codes turning up more often in the retail landscape before the pandemic. If you’re like me, that may have seemed a bit puzzling until you realized that the last few smart phone launches feature a simple to use swipe-up feature that allows users to read these codes without even needing to…
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