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Not sure which claims to put on your products to drive volume sales? Wondering why your new products aren’t getting listed? Struggling to understand the competition? After over 25 years in the food business, we’ve faced all these problems and learned how to cope with such challenges. Let us help!


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New! Hourly Mentorship

Ideal for early stage food companies looking to get market traction, on-line video meetings with Dana McCauley are now available! Since 2015 Dana has supported more than 250 start up and scaling companies to grow their businesses. Her advice on product development challenges, business model optimization, supply chain choices and sales and marketing strategies, help entrepreneurs get food products from idea to end user faster! Book an hour to discuss a specific problem or purchase a project package. 


Innovation Workshops & Trends Presentations

Leveraging learnings gathered after delivering workshops for clients such as such as SIAL Canada, Food Island Partnership and the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Blue Unicorn now offers online workshops for food innovators. Small, interactive, and designed to provide skills that can be used to solve business problems for years to come, many workshops also include unique customizable templates and check lists. Individual entrepreneurs and marketers can join our regularly scheduled programming for as little as $99 per person.

How to Create Consumer Products that Sell:

This workshop helps innovators to evaluate opportunities and to build products people want to buy and retailers want to carry. Exercises and concrete examples will be used to demonstrate how to create solid value propositions and identify high value market positions. This workshop will change the way food business strategists and product developers think about R&D.

Find your Competitive Advantage

It doesn’t matter how good your product tastes, if it doesn’t solve a consumer need better than other products, it won’t sell. Real life case studies that demonstrate the value of high-quality competitive research will be shared during this workshop. Likewise, techniques for interpreting competitive insights to identify market gaps will be covered. All participants will receive a digital tool kit that can be used later to apply the lessons demonstrated by the case studies. This session is ideal for food entrepreneurs, marketers, innovation leads and R&D teams.

Expansion Readiness

This workshop is for established food companies that are ready to expand beyond their local market. Participants will work through important questions such as how their business’ unique selling point needs to change to succeed in new markets; what hidden costs need to be considered before choosing an expansion destination; and, what programs and funding exist to help companies ready to grow? Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and explore their specific needs during round table discussions.

How to Create Sales Presentations that Close Deals

With sales meetings moving to mostly online, sales materials need to be more compelling than ever before. This workshop walks participants through a PowerPoint presentation template designed to sell a food product to a retail client. Insights into why retailers list products and how to customize presentations for different customers will be shared. Discussion periods will allow participants to ask relevant questions and brainstorm how to customize their own pitches. After the workshop, all participants will get a digital copy of a basic sales deck template.

Innovation Pipelines in The Age of COVID19

This workshop provides marketers and food business leaders an opportunity to refresh their approach to R&D and product strategies. New ideas on how to drive volume and safeguard supply chains will be shared using case studies. Participants will gain new insight into the post-Covid marketplace drivers that will influence grocery and foodservice purchase decisions in the future.

Food Trend Presentations

R&D and Marketing plans need to be laser focused in today’s economic climate so knowing what’s on the horizon in the food sector is essential for business leaders. From trend specific topics that are open to a public audience to customized private presentations, Blue Unicorn CEO Dana McCauley identifies not just what’s on trend, but also what that means for food manufacturers and retailers. These visual presentations inspire teams to do high quality brainstorming and to make decisions confidently.

Flavour of the Month Club

Join small, exclusive groups of food industry insiders to discuss current food trends and food business problems in a confidential, closed online setting. Led by food trend expert Dana McCauley, each 60-minute Flavour of the Month Club discussion begins with a 15-minute presentation on an emerging or growing food industry trend and is followed by a 45-minute group discussion. Upcoming discussion topics can be found on our events calendar and in our newsletter.

The Post Covid Food Consumer

From an emphasis on value to a return to the centre of the store, consumer behaviour took an abrupt turn in March 2020. With four distinct demographic groups in the marketplace, each making food buying choices that suit their specific needs, marketing teams more challenged than ever before. How can food pros innovate to provide Baby Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ the food products, recipes and restaurants they want? This presentation brings attendees up to date on the differences and commonalities between these consumer groups and delivers insights that will help innovators of all stripes and career stages to create winning business concepts. This insight rich presentation
provides concrete examples for innovators who want to build an innovation pipeline that will take them to 2030.

Today’s Trends | Tomorrow’s Opportunities:

Join renowned food trends authority Dana McCauley for a deep and objective dive into your category by examining the demographic, eating and cooking trends that affect your business. Many clients find it beneficial to combine this seminar with a sound boarding or brainstorming session. Tell us what interests your team and we’ll create a unique and actionable presentation.

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