One Week Innovation Pipeline Sprint

One Week Innovation Pipeline Sprint

With vaccines rolling out across the country and talk of a return to in-person work, school and social activity on everyone’s lips, now is an ideal time for food business leaders to take a close look at what’s in their company’s innovation pipeline. Is your team developing new products and revenue streams that are appropriate for the post pandemic consumer? Have you evaluated your pipeline against the needs of the new value, immunity and clean eating consumer?  Are you in tune with current generation purchase drivers? If not, click through the links above to get caught up.

But once you have insight, how can you channel it into profitable innovation? While brainstorming days and ideation sessions can be excellent for team building, they are still too risky. And, to be honest, I haven’t seen many of these sessions lead directly to new products being developed and launched.

The good news is that there are other ways to kick innovation into high gear. Successful innovation leaders know that creating profitable food products is the true talent required to build a resilient business and that requires more than just new ideas. Recently I developed a one week innovation sprint that will help you to gather targeted ideas and check them against insight from a finance, operations and supply chain perspective. 

You can find my plan on the FCC website: Kickstart a Profit Driven Innovation Pipeline.  Even if you don’t follow this method exactly, I know you’ll come away with some new food for thought. 

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