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Female Food Leaders bring Compassion, Empathy and Kindness to Work

“You are so nice.” How well I remember being told those words by a smiling, popular boy – let’s call him Rob – in homeroom during my last year of high school. I took his words as a huge compliment; they were exactly what I wanted to hear as a newcomer to the school who…
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Three Trends that will Trickle into 2020

As we head into the final months of 2019, many people are wondering what trends will prevail into the new year. While there are sure to be new and exciting foods and technology ahead, many of the same trends will continue to have impact on North American consumers. Convenience: Whilst stats show that more millennials…
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Two Food Trends I can’t Escape

Most often, I find myself talking about how a handful of long term macro trends are transforming with the times: convenience, customization and healthful eating are all trends that have been evolving over the course of my more than twenty years as a food trend analyst. Add to my regular list a handful of unique…
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Meet SIAL Canada’s new Innovation Ambassador

Blue Unicorn Innovation is proud to announce that our CEO Dana McCauley has been chosen as SIAL Canada’s Innovation Ambassador for 2017.  SIAL Canada is the international food and beverage trade show that occurs on alternate years in Toronto and Montreal.  In her ambassador role, Dana will participate as a jury member for the innovation awards and…
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Food Trends TV Expands Programming!

Subscribers to our Food Trends TV YouTube channel will  know that Dana McCauley is back with new videos! Besides posting new episodes of the original Food Trends TV, a series of 2 to 3 minute videos designed to keep people working in the food sector on top of food trends, Dana has created two new series for the channel…
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May the Forces be with your Brand

I work with brands to help them launch products that will not just appeal to consumers but ultimately help the retailers they work with to increase check out values and attract new shoppers to their outlets. While doing this work my clients and I often get into discussions about how they can leverage my trend…
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Why Food Trends Fascinate Us

When I started writing about food trends way back in the last century, the conversation was simple: People wanted to learn what gourmet restaurant chefs were making and how those lofty creations could be made in home. Fast forward 20 years and interest in food trends has changed significantly. Instead of being asked how trends…
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