Sales Model

Blue Unicorn is a hands-on consulting company. We work closely with senior management, Marketing, R&D, Sales and Operations teams to fill the innovation pipeline with validated ideas that can become winning concepts that will build your brand and grow the bottom line.  

Most of our projects require an initial scoping stage where we immerse ourselves in your business for a number of weeks. 

At that point we present a detailed proposal that covers just the services your organization needs to kick start growth.

Blue Unicorn offers the perfect solution for companies who are considering hiring a full-time innovation executive; we come onboard, set up a process and help internal teams to fill the PD pipeline with solid, on-trend ideas that support the company’s strategy and lead to long term growth.

How we do it

We help food companies boost growth and increase earnings by helping them bring profitable new products to market as fast as possible.

1Beyond Brainstorming

Step One

Beyond Brainstorming

We turn good ideas into viable product concepts.

2Market Positioning

Step two

Market Positioning

We find the white spaces where new products can succeed.

3Asset Assessment

Step Three

Asset Assessment

We find ways to do more with existing capacity.

4Team Work

Step Four

Team Work

We optimize internal cross-functional communication to increase speed to market


While no two Blue Unicorn clients have the same set of needs, some of our most popular ways to add value to organizations trying to kick start growth are featured below:

‘Next’ Revenue Opportunity:
Working as a fresh set of eyes or as a catalyst to inspire internal teams, Blue Unicorn can find targeted innovation  opportunities in your organization that utilize current capabilities to create the ‘next big thing’.

Customer Focused Innovation:
Learn sales and marketing techniques that help turn every sales meeting into an innovation session that puts saleable ideas into R&D.

Pipeline Primer:
Using workshop techniques, this service helps cross-functional teams to tweak processes so that ideas can be turned into profits more quickly.

Pipeline Fill:
Got ideas?  Got excess capacity? Got no time? We can evolve your new product ideas into validated concepts that you can develop and launch with little to no CapEx.

Culture Shift:
tired of hearing ‘why?’ and ‘no’ in your meeting rooms? Blue Unicorn can turn your corporate culture into a ‘why not?’ environment where problem solving becomes creative, collaborative and successful.

Custom Trends Presentations:
Take a deep and objective dive into your category by examining the demographic and global trends that affect your business.

Product Launch Support:
Launching a new product without support is an almost sure way to get delisted. Blue Unicorn can create unique strategies for social media, content marketing and other low cost tactics that help new products to succeed.

Counter Top Critic:
Give us your bench samples, your existing products and packaging and we’ll give you objective industry insider feedback that you can use to optimize your offering.



Dana’s in-depth knowledge of the food industry, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for all things food related make her a true culinary expert. She is a decisive and effective communicator, always getting the best out of her team. Dana’s warm personality and quick wit make her a lot of fun to work with.
~ Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign ~

~ Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign ~

Dana has a definite passion for food and the art of culinary. With a proven track record throughout her career, she was able to bring her innovative approach to product development and marketing communications for the organization. She was a pleasure to work with and will undoubtedly continue to bring new ideas and approaches to the organizations and initiatives that she works closely with.
~ Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys ~

~ Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys ~


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