At Blue Unicorn, we help food companies boost growth and increase earnings by helping them to bring profitable new products to market as fast as possible.

Although we’re a relatively new company, our team has decades of experience working with Canadian and international food businesses so we’re confident that we will become the industry’s go-to, trusted resource for food product innovation services.


Blue Unicorn Innovation wants to hear your business challenges.
We’ll listen carefully and then help you to find ways to turn those problems into profits!

We look at your business with an eye to finding ways to use current assets in new ways. The Blue Unicorn Innovation team is also really good at mobilizing cross-functional teams to focus on strategy and execution so that in future your business can repeatedly launch profitable products that fulfill unmet consumer needs.

So, if growth is stagnating and it’s time to become more innovative, Blue Unicorn can help. Our track record is solid.

We take ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization by optimizing innovation and product development systems which improve company culture, systems and team work.


The CEO of Blue Unicorn is Dana McCauley, a seasoned executive and leader with extensive experience in all facets of the food business and a track record of taking ideas from concept to kitchen to commercialization. Leveraging sound strategy and competitive insight, she is known for mobilizing high value teams to increase revenue while making the most of existing human resources and production assets.

In June 2016, Dana was profiled in Canadian Grocer Magazine.




Dana’s in-depth knowledge of the food industry, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm for all things food related make her a true culinary expert. She is a decisive and effective communicator, always getting the best out of her team. Dana’s warm personality and quick wit make her a lot of fun to work with.
~ Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign ~

~ Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director at Shikatani Lacroix Brandesign ~

Dana has a definite passion for food and the art of culinary. With a proven track record throughout her career, she was able to bring her innovative approach to product development and marketing communications for the organization. She was a pleasure to work with and will undoubtedly continue to bring new ideas and approaches to the organizations and initiatives that she works closely with.
~ Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys ~

~ Jeff Pontes, Director, Digital Strategy at Sobeys ~


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